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Benefit from Werum’s new PAS-X KPI software product to improve the transparency on your shop floor and boost your OEE.

PAS-X KPI is a lean, standalone product for live monitoring of production and packaging lines to improve the shop floor performance of pharma and biotech facilities.

PAS-X KPI provides real-time key performance indicators (KPI) to optimize processes or equipment.

PAS-X KPI operator dashboard

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Six reasons to use PAS-X KPI from Werum

Pharma focus

PAS-X KPI is the only KPI/OEE tool available on the market dedicated solely to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.

Future-proof technology

PAS-X KPI is browser-based and supports multiple delivery methods, including site installation and enterprise cloud.

Integrated data from level 2 to 4

PAS-X KPI is capable of seamlessly integrating data both from the ERP level and the machine level at the shop floor.

Lean product, ready to start

PAS-X KPI is easy to deploy because it is a standalone product independent from PAS-X MES.

Cross-plant comparison

PAS-X KPI allows comparisons and evaluations of operating data at production lines in different facilities, all at one single user interface.

Trial period

In a trial “proof of concept” installation pharma and biopharma manufacturers can test PAS-X KPI in their own production environment.

Dermot BarryWalsh, Trenlewis LLC, and previous in leading positions at MSD / Merck & Co.

“The majority of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers have insufficient visibility into their manufacturing performance. 

Werum’s PAS-X KPI product greatly improves shop floor transparency, helping managers make smart decisions.”

Dermot BarryWalsh
Founder and principal of Trenlewis LLC,
technical operations consulting for pharma,
and previously in leading positions at MSD / Merck & Co.

Who benefits from PAS-X KPI?

PAS-X KPI offers a single, unifying source point of data as everyone on the shop floor has the same performance information.

Plant manager

Increased profitability: software-aided decision making to facilitate continuous improvement processes


Easier realization of production targets: benefit from the ability to correct potential performance issues before they become functionally problematic


Increased transparency: live monitoring of individual production performance and status

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